Vitae Dynamics Inc.

Leading the Next Business Shift

The Next Business Shift

In a war for talent, it's getting harder and harder for businesses to ignore workplace conflict, bullying, poor communication, and weak leadership. It's even hard for companies to thrive when it seems every week there's a new political or economic shock. 

To develop economic resiliency, it's important for companies to retain top talent, develop partnerships, develop new resources, and strengthen their commercial intelligence capabilities. 

Renée supports businesses to adapt to shock and opportunities through coaching and training. She extends mediation, coaching, and training services to address workplace conflict and bullying. It’s a losing battle to hire and retain talent when their teams are self-destructive 

Once conflicts and bullying are addressed, she develops the leadership capabilities of teams and businesses. With solid leadership and clear communication, businesses can turn outward to develop opportunities, innovate, expand on their ecosystems, and become more resilient. 

Honed by over a decade and a half of experience, Renée uses her unique ecosystem mapping tool to support companies in identifying opportunities for partnerships, improved connectivity with market players, and avenues to gain better commercial intelligence.